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Black Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness
Pink Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness
Green Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness
Purple Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness
Red Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness
Camo Blue Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness
Camo Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness
Red Camo Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness
Camo Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness
Black Camo Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness
Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness

Personalized Reflective Safety Dog Harness

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*Please note that this item is shipped direct from our top quality design partners in China and takes ~3 to 4 weeks after ordering to be delivered to your door. All returns need to be shipped to us in Victoria, Australia.


* Free world shipping
* 60-day money back guarantee
* 1 year warranty
* Every purchase helps rescue dogs
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Not sure which size dog harness? Try it out the dog harness risk-free on your dog for 60 days after delivery and if you need a different size just return it to us and we'll cover the shipping cost to ship back out a new size to you - EASY

NEED EXTRA custom dog harness labels?
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👉 Custom Dog Harness Labels


paw heart dog harness

Not only will you receive a Giving Gecko premium dog harness for your dog - your kind purchase today will also give back 15% of all proceeds to help rescue dogs in need


Keep Your Dog SAFE

Custom personalized dog harnesses on your dog are a great way to make sure your pet is extra SAFE in case they ever escape while outdoors or if they lose or damage their collar ID tag for any reason.

This way you can make doubly sure if your dog goes missing and someone finds them they'll have EITHER the collar or dog harness ID details visible to reach you right away! 

custom personalized dog harness for small to extra large pet dog breeds

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dog harness warranty

✓ 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Your dog harness will be fully covered for 1 year.  Not only are you covered by our 60-day Money Back Guarantee return policy after you receive your harness but if after this time anything is damaged or your dog chews through the straps etc. within 1 year after date of delivery of your harness - just return it to us and we'll replace it for you for free.

Let us take that hassle and worry away so you can focus on enjoying more fun times outdoors with your dog.

✓ HASSLE FREE & EASY TO PUT ON: No more bothering with annoying puzzle type dog harness straps and buckles that are time consuming. Simply slip our harness over the top of your dog's head, do it up around the dog's body with the safety side clip in one click and then you're ready to go in less than 2 minutes! Also our dog harness comes with top grab handle for additional control plus is lightweight and easy to clean.

dogs with custom harness on

✓ PERSONALIZE YOUR DOG HARNESS: Add your own custom dog ID name and personal contact phone number to your dog's harness to keep your dog extra safe in case they ever escape so that you can get them back SAFE and sound to you as fast as possible.

     ADD INFORMATIVE & FUN TEXT TOO!: Alternatively to adding a name and phone ID tag details, you can also instead add your own personal message or fun text that tells others about your dog's personality traits, whether they're a service dog or just your own funny cute sayings.

    Personalized Custom Reflective Safety No Pull Dog Harness small to extra large dog breeds

    For example add traits like - 'Friendly,' 'Anxious' or sayings such as 'Don't Pat Me,' 'Works For Treats,' 'Good Boy,' 'Call Mom I'm Lost,' 'Good Girl" 'I Love Mom,' 'I Love Dad,' 'Mommy's Angel,' 'Daddy's BFF,' 'Please Pat Me' etc.

    Add the dog harness color you want to your cart - then add as many extra custom labels by clicking HERE or via the link at the top of this page to get even more fun labels for your dog's harness!

      Removable personalized dog harness labels

       SWAP & CHANGE LABELS: If you'd like both the traditional ID name and number on the dog harness but also would like to add other fun word labels too such as when your dog is in a grumpy mood you can add the label "Grumpy" for fun or when out walking then change the label to "Pat Me Please." 

       TRAVEL & EMERGENCY CONTACTS: If someone else is looking after your dog while you're away, like a dog sitter or kennel, you can change the dog harness label quickly and easily to their phone number for any emergency contacts by just removing an old label and adding another custom label.

       PET'S BIRTHDAYS & HOLIDAYS: Celebrate your pet's birthday by adding their birthday date or "Birthday Boy," "Birthday Girl" on a custom label for your dog to wear on the day or Christmas Day "Santa's Helper" - add anything you like to your dog harness labels!

      ✓ DOG HARNESS - SIZING: Please check our size chart at the bottom of this page and measure your dog as shown before purchasing to get the best fit.

      Scroll down to see our size chart!

      Recommended Breeds: Small dogs such as Shih Tzus and Pugs up to Extra Large Dogs such as Newfoundland or Rottweiler. Not suitable for extra small toy breeds like Chihuahuas. Let your puppy stand out in this unique stylish dog harness!

      ✓ NO CHOKE: Our specially designed adjustable straps are comfortable for your pet to wear long distances which helps make your dog less anxious, reduces slipping and stops your dog from pulling and hurting their throats like a traditional collar would while on walks.

       GREAT FOR TRAINING: Plus perfect for dog training while also being gentle enough on puppies with no choking. Also comes with an extra strength anti-rust stainless steel D clip to attach the lead which is great for walks, while running, hiking etc with your dog.

      ✓ SAFE & VISIBLE: The dog harness is made of durable non-toxic Nylon Oxford material with Bright Reflective Strips to ensure a SAFE walk both day and night. Fast quick release safety buckle clip. Breathable mesh cloth on the inner-side keeps your dog cool and comfortable when exercising or during warmer seasons.

       GREAT GIFT FOR OTHERS: Add 2 or more dog harnesses to your order for friends and family dog owners too and save with big discounts!

      Makes a great additional gift for friends and family with dogs and who also have the same dog harness too, your personalized labels added to their dog's harness will make their owners laugh and smile and is a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions.

      custom personalized dog harness Christmas Birthday gifts for dog lovers

      ✓ EVERY PURCHASE HELPS SAVE DOGS: We are a Humane Society International officially approved retailer and we donate 15% of all proceeds to animal rescue charities including Nowzad dog rescue.

      ✓ NOWZAD CHARITY: Nowzad rescues off the streets and cares for some of the most vulnerable strays on the planet that are suffering in war-torn Afghanistan. 

      Nowzad also supports our troops stationed overseas by helping U.S., British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand etc soldiers be able to take home and adopt stray animals they bonded with while stationed there - so that when these soldiers are ready to return home Nowzad makes it possible for these animals to go home with their soldiers to start a new, forever life together back in their home country with their loving families.

            Photo: © Nowzad.com

            Dog Harness Size Chart

            When you receive your dog harness please make sure your it is adjusted to fit snugly on your dog but is not done up too tight so that your dog can still have room to stride and move freely to be comfortable for long walks.

            *Always allow at least a 3 to 4 finger width between your dog's body and the dog harness on all sides.

            dog harness size chart

            CUSTOMER FAQ



            All orders are processed within 2-7 days and shipped for FREE worldwide via our international shipping. So from the moment after you place an order with us your dog's harness should arrive to your door on average in about:

            ~3 to 4 WEEKS to be delivered to USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia

            As we carefully customize and make each harness for you and your pet with love only after you've placed an order with us, then we ship them out for you as soon as possible.

            All orders also come with order tracking which we'll send to you in an email once your order has shipped.



            Of course! You can create as many custom labels as you like and then add them to your cart with the bundle link above and save money by ordering them together with your harness.

            Just enter in your main custom label (e.g. ID tag details) as normal above and then click the 'add extra labels' bundle checkbox below that to create even more custom labels to add to your order.

            You can also come back anytime and buy more individually here or if you need any help to do so just reach out to our friendly customer service team here.



            We will always make sure you receive your orders and you are also fully covered by our buyer protection policy. Just contact us with your order number, email or name and we'll make sure you're looked after and get your order. 



            We offer a full Money Back Guarantee and 60-day returns on all our products after they're delivered. So you can try them out completely risk-free for ~2 months before deciding if you're happy with the harness. If you just want to exchange the size just contact us and we'll be happy to arrange this for you.

            You will only need to pay to return the harness to us (Victoria, Australia) but we will cover the shipping cost to ship a new size harness back to you once we receive your return. Please measure your dog using our size charts above as a guide.



            When you purchase one of our dog harnesses you are covered by our 1 Year Warranty Guarantee.

            Just keep your email confirmation or shipping receipt after you place an order to validate your warranty certificate guarantee.

            So if your dog damages the harness or it breaks for any reason even after our 60-day return policy - just contact us with your order number, then return it to us (location: Victoria, Australia)  and we'll replace it for you for FREE!

            You'll only need to pay any postage to return the damaged harness back to us but we'll cover the international shipping costs to send a new replacement harness back out to you. Saving you both time and money in the long run so you can buy your dog more treats and spend more time going on dog walks.