Fur Free Pledge

fox anti fur - fur free pledge

Our Fur Free Pledge
With Humane Society International

Giving Gecko is listed on Humane Society International's official website as one of their approved 

Fur Free Retailers

We strongly support a strictly NO FUR product policy at Giving Gecko and we have pledged to never sell fur in our stores.

We also avoid faux fur items created by artists and designers, as sometimes these can also contain real animal furs so we avoid such items altogether.

We screen all our artists handmade creations, our screen printers and other product suppliers thoroughly before they can sell their products on Giving Gecko.

We primarily ship direct from artists and our suppliers, so please let us know if you ever receive a product from one of our vetted artists and suppliers with any fur (even faux fur) with a photograph of the item and send here: sales@givinggecko.com.

If we find that the artist or any of our suppliers have violated our strict no fur policy they will be removed immediately and banned from selling on Giving Gecko. 

We are committed to being a part of the growing list of retailers who want to end cruelty to animals by never selling these kinds of products and never supporting the horrendous fur farm industry.

All our printed design artwork items on Giving Gecko (wall art, all clothing, drinkware, beach towels, leggings, hats etc) will never contain any fur or leather also.

We have pledged with the Humane Society International to never sell fur at Giving Gecko and are committed to help end the fur trade.


End The Fur Trade - Giving Gecko Fur Free Pledge