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How Does It Work?

15% of all profits from every single item purchased from our website at Giving Gecko is donated to certified registered animal charities - to help some of the most vulnerable animals on the planet.    

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Who Do The
Donations Go To?

All proceed donations are distributed evenly between the animal charities we support and each charity determines how best to use these funds to help the animals they rescue and to support their charity missions. 

Below are the animal charities we currently support and donate to thanks to our wonderful customers. We hope to help even more animal charities over time with your support! 


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Nowzad is an incredible animal charity that helps arrange and pay for our brave soldiers and veterans to bring home stray dogs and cats they bonded with while on duty. These stray animals are then destined for a better life in a new country and home with their soldier's loving families. Nowzad also rescue some of the most vulnerable dogs and cats on the planet in one of the most dangerous and volatile places on earth, worn torn Afghanistan. 

You can adopt a Nowzad dog or cat here and donate to Nowzad here.



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Animals Asia Foundation is another amazing animal charity that primarily rescues Moon and Sun bears from a life of cruelty on bear bile farms in Asia. These bears are then cared for in their huge bear sanctuaries where they can finally live out their days free from abuse they suffered for decades. Animals Asia are also campaigning and working tirelessly trying to end the horrific Yulin dog and cat meat 'festival' held annually in China each year.

You can buy a gift for Animals Asia's rescued bears here or donate directly to Animals Asia here.



How Do We Know You Really Donate To Charities? 

Firstly, we couldn't not donate part of our profits to our animal charity partners as it's something we care passionately about on a personal level. It's what Giving Gecko was created for and is the inspiration behind it.

We also use an award-winning charity donation partner called Pledgeling who automatically deducts and transfers all donations funds that are raised from every online purchase made at Giving Gecko and then distributes these donation funds directly to the charities that we support on a monthly basis.

You can read more about this award-winning organisation here: Pledgeling

In order to further show you we are 100% committed to our pledge to donate 15% of all proceeds to charities - we also welcome you to please contact each charity to confirm our donations with them directly if you wish.

You can reach out to the animal charity organisations we support to confirm our donations with them at anytime:

Animals Asia Australia: Contact details

Nowzad: Contact details


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Original photo by artist Ryan Christodoulou


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